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One month and counting

The new site went online one month ago today. I wish I could say I now understand CSS and PHP far better then when I started, but alas it still mystifies me. I’ve had more visits this past month then I had anticipated and the arcade is coming along nicely. Still haven’t fleshed out the forums just yet, once I have regular visitors it may begin to take shape.

I’m thinking of posting excerpts from the book, unfortunately most of them are still just hand written so no cut and past for me.

It’s the end of summer and school starts in two days for the youngest of my clan, need to figure out what supplies he still needs. Waiting to the last minute is sort of an annual competition around here; you should see me scrambling at Christmas time. So I’m off to face the crowds at Wally World.


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Well, Imagine That!

Seems my site is moving up in the world. I just had my first Chinese Spam bot sneak in. I’ll have to look into plugins to prevent such things now of course.


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Working for the weekend

Took the day off Friday, watched the Perseid meteor shower with my sons at 1am laying out on the front lawn. We don’t have any official street lights in our neighborhood (the occasional small private ones) so it was nice and dark. We discussed the stars and the mysteries of the universe for about an hour and didn’t get bitten by a single creepy crawler.

Later in the day the boys and I went to lunch and hit the movie theater for a first showing of the Expendables. Your typical guys flick, with of course all the big names in guy movies for the last 20 years.  A predictable plot and perhaps too great a reliance on digital blood splatter, you just can’t beat old school blood packs. All in all though, it was a good flick and it kept us entertained enough that no one made a break for the bathroom the whole length of it.

Friday night I took the wife and daughter out to  Taco Bell to try their new cantina style tacos. Nothing to write home (or on a blog) about but they don’t cost much anyway. Before you all (ya, like anyone but me is reading this) judge me on how cheap the night was for the ladies, it was the wife’s idea!

The whole weekend went like that, the sun was out and blue sky’s as far as you could see. Living up here in the North these past 14 years I really miss the sun and the heat, I’ve long known I am a solar powered person. The long cold dark of what passes for the norm around here really bites, but this past weekend it was glorious!

Enough rambling for now, time to look like I’m actually working. :mrgreen:


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Those who fell along the way.

She visited me in a dream this morning, she looked good, her dog Odin was there too (pissed all over the place, he was really happy I guess) though neither made a sound the whole time.

Michelle would have been 45 today. I miss the sound of her voice, I guess it can’t be conveyed properly in a dream. Still, I miss her.

Till the day I hear your voice again Michelle, love you.

Happy Birthday!!


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Dad & Wolf – 1971 Testing insert image


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Testing embedded video. Star Wars Subway Car


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Big move

Say goodbye to index.html! WordPress is now the front end to the website. It’s clean and modern and has many of the options I need. There are still a few actual html pages running around in the background that I will be grooming as they have been static for nearly 7 years now.

Plugging along..


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The search continues

Got the sidebar menus working. Now I am searching for BBS type multiplayer games and activities, after all what is the most popular feature of Facebook…  Farmland, and it’s just a modern day BBS door game. Working with a Trade wars like game at the moment, but the cron job that does the housekeeping is giving me fits.


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Recreating the past


If anyone is watching you will notice I have created a new (all be it a rudimentary) front end. I plan to use WordPress as the main interface by managing the links to the right there.

I just got Legend of the Green Dragon working and have two possible forum choices installed, I just need to fully configure them before deciding which will remain.

So, with that we are off on the great adventure.

OK, so there will be a menu once I can figure out why it disappeared.


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