Mixed Reality!

March 07

So I picked up a Windows Mixed Reality headset for dirt cheap last December (Acer) and then a Samsung Odyssey HMD off eBay for just as cheap. BTW the Odyssey has fantastic displays! Then my son bugged me until I bought Beat Saber. Honestly, getting to use light sabers in VR is a no brainer. It’s so cool!

Within a week of playing and watching folks on YouTube recording themselves inside the virtual world, I asked myself ‘How hard could it be?’. Turns out, it’s not that hard. Several tutorials and many downloads of free software later, I managed to get a working setup.

It’s not by any means a professional video. My green screen is actually a twin size purple sheet. But it is a proof of concept that I’m fairly proud of.

The hardware is a Logitech C910 Webcam and the before mentioned WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) headset and controllers. For software, the list is long! Microsoft Mixed Reality Portal, SteamVR, OBS Studio, OBS Virtual Camera, LIV Client and of course Beat Saber. There are probably a dozen or so drivers I installed along the way as well. But the final result looks like this!

You feel so much cooler in VR then you look, or at least I do.


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