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Beautiful PSA



The difference a decade makes

It’s snowing finally!

So the snow came very late this season, December and January came and went with not even a dusting. Then the snow finally came.

Nice, it’s definitely sticking.

And kept coming! There were runs on provisions at the stores, tire chains and snow melt went first, then the essentials. Never seen the shelves at Walmart so empty before. But that was just the beginning.

Time to engage the ol 4-Wheel Drive!

Back in 2010, this would have shut us down for the duration. We’re old hands at this now though. Got plenty of fuel for the 9000W generator, got 4-Wheel Drive Low engaged with my brand new all-terrain tires and a nice strong tow rope to haul my stuck neighbors up the hill.

16 inches deep and even the dog won’t play in that.

We’ve matured a lot since the early days of home ownership, I’ve got tools for everything, contingency plans for the most unexpected of things and the experience to get through the latest Snowmageddon without a hitch. Guess I’m an adult now, though I still don’t feel like it. Maybe I never will, but I don’t even bother freaking out about anything these days.


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New Host, New Start

So, I ditched GoDaddy and picked up a much more capable hosting package at half the cost. While moving the blog over I realized that I haven’t posted anything personally for many years. I had aggregators that posted stuff to the pages every day, but none of it was mine. There were no posts about the life of my clan or the state of the site, just comics and images of the day.

This departure from the original intent of the site is likely due to the onset of my own clinical depression. I’ve struggled with it for years now, and nothing the experts have prescribed or performed has any real effect on it. So the site has languished in a colorful but alas static state. I will endeavor to correct this. Starting with the removal of all the noise and a saving of only those posts that actually mattered.

So, not much to see here at the moment. Hopefully there will be more to come.


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