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Mixed Reality!

So I picked up a Windows Mixed Reality headset for dirt cheap last December (Acer) and then a Samsung Odyssey HMD off eBay for just as cheap. BTW the Odyssey has fantastic displays! Then my son bugged me until I bought Beat Saber. Honestly, getting to use light sabers in VR is a no brainer. It’s so cool!

Within a week of playing and watching folks on YouTube recording themselves inside the virtual world, I asked myself ‘How hard could it be?’. Turns out, it’s not that hard. Several tutorials and many downloads of free software later, I managed to get a working setup.

It’s not by any means a professional video. My green screen is actually a twin size purple sheet. But it is a proof of concept that I’m fairly proud of.

The hardware is a Logitech C910 Webcam and the before mentioned WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) headset and controllers. For software, the list is long! Microsoft Mixed Reality Portal, SteamVR, OBS Studio, OBS Virtual Camera, LIV Client and of course Beat Saber. There are probably a dozen or so drivers I installed along the way as well. But the final result looks like this!

You feel so much cooler in VR then you look, or at least I do.


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Goodbye Buddypress

To commemorate the end of the world (12/21/2012) I thought it would be a good time to strip Buddypress from the site. It was a good try but I just don’t think we need the functionality of BP on the site. Definitely not enough users here to warrant the visual limitations imposed by BP.

So, if the site ends up being lobotomized by this, I can always blame it on the Mayans.


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Memorial Day

Decoration Day

Sleep, comrades, sleep and rest
On this Field of the Grounded Arms,
Where foes no more molest,
Nor sentry’s shot alarms!

Ye have slept on the ground before,
And started to your feet
At the cannon’s sudden roar,
Or the drum’s redoubling beat.

But in this camp of Death
No sound your slumber breaks;
Here is no fevered breath,
No wound that bleeds and aches.

All is repose and peace,
Untrampled lies the sod;
The shouts of battle cease,
It is the Truce of God!

Rest, comrades, rest and sleep!
The thoughts of men shall be
As sentinels to keep
Your rest from danger free.

Your silent tents of green
We deck with fragrant flowers
Yours has the suffering been,
The memory shall be ours.

— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1882


We are more.

We think, sometimes, there’s not a dragon left.
Not one brave knight, not a single princess gliding through secret forests, enchanting deer and butterflies with her smile.

We think sometimes that ours is an age past frontiers, past adventures.
Destiny, it’s way over the horizon; glowing shadows galloped past long ago, and gone.

What a pleasure to be wrong.

Princesses, knights, enchantments and dragons, mystery and adventure . . . not only are they here-and-now; they’re all that ever lived on earth!

Our century, they’ve changed cloths, of course. Today dragons wear Government-costumes, failure-suits and disaster-outfits. Society’s demons screech, whirl down on us should we lift our eyes from the ground, dare we turn right at corners we’ve been told to turn left. So crafty have appearances become that princesses and knights can be hidden from each other, can be hidden from themselves.

Yet masters of reality still meet us in dreams to tell us that we’ve never lost the shield we need against dragons, that blue-fire voltage arcs through us now to change our world as we wish.

Intuition Whispers: We’re not flesh, we’re Magic!

-Richard Bach: The Bridge Across Forever


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Nakie Bumet

This weekend (02/24/2012) I had put to rest one of the characters in my head I cared much for. I had made him for a role play I had with a friend so that the character my friend role played might be happy. Though I do know Nakie (my char) made Sidara (friends char) happy in the end she felt due to her habit of harming those near her she pushed him away and wished to only being friends…
Due to the only reason Nakie even lived was to love Sidara it was like his reason of being was ripped from him when she took her love and stopped giving it to him. She was all he ever truly knew, the only person he ever put his trust in and he did no matter what she did.
After she left him, he knew what he would do… He planned to end what he was. He sent her a letter first though. So she would not go looking for him, so she did not have to wonder what ever happened… She found him before he killed himself. But she seemed not to understand his reason and gave up on him. And so; he killed himself after all. And Thus this character I enjoyed playing so much… Is gone, I hope he rests well and no longer feels the pain of being denied the love of Sidara, His reason for living.
I will miss you Nakie.


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As seen from my front door

This lovely creature was spotted swimming down the hill from my house the other day. Nature is awesome!

Humpback – Hood Canal

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From Joshua~

:grin: Well this shows the furries around the world, well most seem to be in the US but not all, seems many in Texas even, wth… :roll:


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