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A little about yourself

New Host, New Start

So, I ditched GoDaddy and picked up a much more capable hosting package at half the cost. While moving the blog over I realized that I haven’t posted anything personally for many years. I had aggregators that posted stuff to the pages every day, but none of it was mine. There were no posts about the life of my clan or the state of the site, just comics and images of the day.

This departure from the original intent of the site is likely due to the onset of my own clinical depression. I’ve struggled with it for years now, and nothing the experts have prescribed or performed has any real effect on it. So the site has languished in a colorful but alas static state. I will endeavor to correct this. Starting with the removal of all the noise and a saving of only those posts that actually mattered.

So, not much to see here at the moment. Hopefully there will be more to come.


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The search continues

Got the sidebar menus working. Now I am searching for BBS type multiplayer games and activities, after all what is the most popular feature of Facebook…  Farmland, and it’s just a modern day BBS door game. Working with a Trade wars like game at the moment, but the cron job that does the housekeeping is giving me fits.


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Recreating the past


If anyone is watching you will notice I have created a new (all be it a rudimentary) front end. I plan to use WordPress as the main interface by managing the links to the right there.

I just got Legend of the Green Dragon working and have two possible forum choices installed, I just need to fully configure them before deciding which will remain.

So, with that we are off on the great adventure.

OK, so there will be a menu once I can figure out why it disappeared.


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Website front end

At this time the front end of the website is dedicated to Magic the Gathering Online. I was a beta tester for MtGO back in 2003 and was the captain of a clan there. I purchased the domain and built a site for the clan. As years went by I added some personal stuff and the clan itself drifted apart. My intent is to totally rebuild the site from scratch and recreate the Original Memories of Futures Past BBS which I ran back in the early to mid 80’s. We had dozens of forums, media to download and games to play. Back then of course we were limited to ASCII and built the site based on that. Still, we had fun playing Food Fight, Legend of the Red Dragon and Trade Wars back then.

So bare with me as the site is reinvented.


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For everything that ends, there was a beginning.

Memories of Futures Past has been an ongoing project of mine for over 25 years now. It existed before the Internet and has evolved, morphed and flip flopped a great deal since that time.

The name itself is based on a book I started writing back in High School (still a work in progress) based loosely on the life of a character I played  in D&D. Although I loved the works of Gary Gygax and Richard Garfield, my friends and I tended to drift far from the charters and concepts drafted in the official guides of the game. My character Lord Darian was a human/elf hybrid born in an attempt to save a dieing race. Things didn’t work out as planned of course, and an odyssey spanning 35,000 years ensued.

Many of the experiences in my own life have altered the path of the story, and I suppose my own life has been altered in some ways by Lord Darians own influences.

This Blog is an attempt to regain some of the pre-internet BBS feel of the site. During my first marriage my wife Michelle helped shape the site (her handle was Iron Mistress) and although she no longer walks this earth, the site wouldn’t be complete without it. Michelle loved chatting with people from all over the country, I can only imagine the delight she would have had with Facebook and Twitter.

Well, enough for today. I do after all have a site to setup.

Darian, Lord of Eternity


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