A winter wonderland.

November 23
Slight dusting of snow, not that bad.

Oh, it’s snowing!

So, it started to snow. Not to bad just a dusting. Still had power, heat, lights. Just another Autumn day.

Snow falling and dog playing.

All hell breaks loose, but the dog seems to enjoy it!

Then it really started to snow, cars slamming into each other everywhere. Roads closed and the freeway moving at 2 miles per hour. There was a 20 car pile up not 15 minutes after I left work! Kids walking home from the main road and the daughter had to abandon her car for fear of the rather steep hill we live on. The dog certainly seemed to enjoy it though.

Snow covered lawn and street.

Now just silence

No power, no heat, no street! Still I have 300 lbs of concrete in the back of the SUV and the Four Wheel Drive engaged. Looks like I’ll be moving Thanksgiving dinner over to my sons apartment across the water.


Stay warm out there! This is me, in the dark and posting from work .


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