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Nakie Bumet

This weekend (02/24/2012) I had put to rest one of the characters in my head I cared much for. I had made him for a role play I had with a friend so that the character my friend role played might be happy. Though I do know Nakie (my char) made Sidara (friends char) happy in the end she felt due to her habit of harming those near her she pushed him away and wished to only being friends…
Due to the only reason Nakie even lived was to love Sidara it was like his reason of being was ripped from him when she took her love and stopped giving it to him. She was all he ever truly knew, the only person he ever put his trust in and he did no matter what she did.
After she left him, he knew what he would do… He planned to end what he was. He sent her a letter first though. So she would not go looking for him, so she did not have to wonder what ever happened… She found him before he killed himself. But she seemed not to understand his reason and gave up on him. And so; he killed himself after all. And Thus this character I enjoyed playing so much… Is gone, I hope he rests well and no longer feels the pain of being denied the love of Sidara, His reason for living.
I will miss you Nakie.


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